I’ve seen it time and again. Someone starts a company, accepts an assignment, gets promoted or reassigned after layoffs, and finds within a year or two (or ten) that they are completely miserable. They can’t stand work, it’s totally not them. They can’t wait for weekends. They’ve lost their zip. The energy drain at work is impacting their relationships and home life.

They had good reasons at the time for taking the job or starting the company. But they didn’t know at the core:

Who they really are.

What core values drive them.

What they need.

What sustains them.

What motivates them.

What nourishes them.

What their vision or mission is.

How to manage the multiple demands of work and life.

They want out. They want a better future. A stronger company, new challenges, a new attitude, new energy.

I love helping people in these situations to come to know their authentic selves deeply, connect to their core value energies, find their direction, and design and start living their best future.

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