In 2018, I wanted to be someone who fit all her clothes. I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be adventurous and fun. I wanted to be interesting, consistently learning, brave, loving, and achieving.

In 2019, as I look back to who I said I wanted to be and who I am today, I fit all my clothes and I’m finishing my first book. I visited new places and saw new things last year, and I’m making plans to travel again this year to new places. I read thirty books last year, plus countless more articles, and learned things I never knew. I developed deeper relationships with family members and loved ones. I grew my coaching business by adding team CVI coaching, and I was invited to be an official members of Forbes Coaches Council. And I’ve come up with a new clear vision for who I want to be in 2019.

Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses, areas of our lives we’re happy or at least content about, and areas where we would like to be different or improve. We tend to notice the things we don’t like when they come under others’ scrutiny. Sometimes they just nag at us silently. We know we’re capable of more, and we’re not sure why time’s passed and we haven’t made any changes. It’s okay. We don’t have to stay the same!

Here’s a tip for making changes that you want:

When you’re thinking about yourself and how you might make life better, instead of asking what do I want to do, ask yourself the question “Who do I want to be?” Envision yourself and your life at its ideal.

Ask yourself: Who is that person? How is she different than the person I see when I look in the mirror? What does she do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to be the way she is?

Write down your vision. Tell someone. Write down what you need to do to be that person. Calendar those things. Figure out what will get in the way of doing those things, and proactively address the obstacles. Get an accountability partner. Get a coach if you need help with this.

Recognize that you have the power to envision and choose to become who you want to be (to the degree it’s possible, for example I’ll never be 6’5″ tall, but I can come close with platform heels). If you have a vision and take action, doing the things you need to do to become who you want to be, sooner than you realize, you’ll be looking at your best you in the mirror.