At the beginning of March I posted on Celebrating Wins together, and then, crickets…you might think I dropped off the edge of the earth. Oh wait, it’s still round.

This will be one of my longer posts to catch you up on just a few things have happened in my life since the first week of March:

  1. I wasn’t seeing any comments and honestly thought I had been blogging for myself! Having read about how “nobody reads blogs anymore,” I was discouraged that this was a waste of time. I already talk to myself, sing in the shower, and write in a journal, why take the extra time to write a blog? I just learned today [how to find out if] there were comments! Thank you, and my apologies to those of you who deserved an answer. I will check back on my comments page in the back end every week now. The cool thing about this is life’s endless opportunities to keep learning. What have you learned/do you want to learn this week?
  2. I got back from my vacation with my eldest daughter in Mexico the first weekend of March and was immediately buried in work. This does happen, and since I didn’t think anyone was reading, I didn’t worry about missing “a week or two.” How are you handling the extra work that you might have now in all the restructuring going on with this pandemic? Is it a nightmare or a staycation for you?
  3. I found out my daughter caught COVID19 on her trip to Europe, and my preoccupation with her well being was a big distraction. Then my sister caught it and I’ve spent about three weeks doing all the extra sterilizing plus cooking for her and cleaning in addition to my coaching work. Thank God they are both recovering. How has the pandemic impacted you, your family and life at home?
  4. I was knee deep in planning, then needing to reschedule, my book tour, a keynote address, other live events and this took time. Since I didn’t know people actually were reading, I stopped forcing myself to write weekly. How have you pivoted in this pandemic?
  5. I was engaged in two online courses from the Institute for Generative Leadership, IGL, which required attention and time. This material is for those who want to be masterful at leading. I signed up for their Coaching Excellence in Organizations program which is about to start. I’m grateful to not be in two courses at once. I would not advise doubling up on courses for anyone with a full-time job, especially a coach/reticent writer. What have you been doing to grow your professional capacity/mastery lately?
  6. Interviews! Mari Frank interviewed me on her Fighting for Love Radio Show (no, I’m not as thin and tall as the photo) on March 23 about my book Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends. Business Talk Radio interviewed me on March 25April 8April 22nd, and my final interview with them for this series is May 6, a day of celebration, #InternationalCoachingDay. I was also interviewed by Paul Vail, author of Why Am I So Happy? , speaker/entrepreneur/host of the “Choices: Finding Your Joy” show on KKNW Seattle and You TubeJim Masters of CloseUp Radio interviewed me today about Pivoting in the Covid Era. I was interviewed for the Empowering Professionals Magazine, Women Making a Difference in America*, and…What have you been listening to lately?
  7. Collaborations! I was invited to partner with VISTAGE, and attended Vistage Chair Academy last week! I am thrilled to be bringing a new CEO Peer Advisory Group to the South Puget Sound area. I was invited by SIINDA to present a webinar on “Creating a Culture of Innovation and Effectiveness with Team Psychological Safety,” May 5, 2020 at 8 AM Pacific time. Two of my colleagues from an IGL course are partnering with me to put on a series of coaching conversations for leaders, Safe Spaces – Conversations for Changing TimesWhat kind of collaborations might be opening for you right now?
  8. Hosting virtual social events on Zoom. A bunch of friends who are retirees have met weekly for dinner for over 10 years. The stay-home orders stopped that, and I offered to host them for an hour every on my Zoom most Thursdays. It’s been fun to engage in a whole new way. How are you maintaining your social connections during this pandemic?

That’s not everything but it’s enough. Time for dinner and a break. I promise my next post will follow sooner. Be well.