We all are plagued by life’s interruptions, challenges, detours, and irritants. Sometimes things just don’t go how we plan.

It is in those instances that EQ shows up in a big way, and we really can shine. People who need to develop their EQ (emotional intelligence) can easily lose track of their sense of self, purpose, and self-management when things don’t go as planned. They may show signs of impatience, irritation, frustration, contempt. People can also get lost in those unplanned circumstances and lost track of how others around them are feeling or responding.

People with highly developed EQ are able to maintain awareness of self and others. They are able to take stock of any situation, keep cool, self-manage and make choices that honor and build their relationships with others.

The key is to know that while you don’t always get to choose what occurs, you do always have a choice about what thoughts you entertain and how you respond.

When you face challenge, choose to remain aware and to see your choice in how you think and respond.

Come back next week to learn some specific strategies to deal with challenges when things don’t go as you planned.