Let me start by assuring you this is not about political debates.

In December 2019 just before Christmas I published my first book, Life Beyond #MeToo. I had great support from a team of volunteers and friends that helped the book hit #1 new release in January of 2020.

A few of the reviews for my book were from men, including one from the world’s #1 Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith, along with his co-authors Frances Hesselbein and Sarah McArthur. Reviews by men speak more to men (who may stumble across my book) than anything the women reviewers wrote.

Now generally, men haven’t been stumbling across my book, even if it would be enlightening for many who don’t really get what #MeToo was/is about.

Fortunately, last month I had the privilege of a conversation about my book and the subject of gender based violence with Jack Canfield, perhaps the world’s most loved Success Coach, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, co-inventor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul global phenomenon which included 40 New York Times bestsellers, plus the bestselling book The Success Principles, (which by the way, I highly recommend) among others.

Yes I was awestruck, so the fact that he is one of the most gracious, kind, intelligent people I’ve ever met was great. For example I meant to tell him the rose on the book cover designed by my talented artist friend Sam Pierce was meant to be a gift for each person who had a #MeToo story that they either shared in October of 2017 or have yet to share. I Don’t know why I couldn’t find the right words in the moment.

But to get back to my point, Jack interviewed me for his podcast and it was a true honor, if slightly ironic. Though it’s a book about creating a future that is #equaleverywhere for girls and women, I predict Jack’s thoughts about my book will carry exponentially more weight (especially with men) than anything I have to say.

Jack Canfield earned worldwide respect and influence through decades of positively influencing others with carefully chosen words and actions. I’m hoping his thoughts will help more people (any gender) stumble across my book.

So my point is this. Whatever your political views.

If you’re a man and you are or would like to be the kind of leader Jack Canfield is, please speak up and use your voice for the good of everyone. Thank you Jack. And, thank you, good men.

To catch a video of the interview, you can go to my Amazon Author page.

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