Sean Douglas is a Resilience Expert, father of three, business owner and host of the popular podcast, Life Transformation Radio, which is all about helping people understand the pivotal moments in people’s lives that create transformation. It was a real pleasure to speak with him today on his podcast about my upcoming book Life Beyond #MeToo and the topic of cultural transformation after the #MeToo social media firestorm.

Harassment happens in cultures where there is a concentrated power, low accountability, and a disproportionate number of men (low diversity). What will it take to transform cultures in businesses so that they have zero risk of any harassment claims?

Harassment happens in companies where leadership looks the other way, or worse, models disrespect, and where employees are objectified rather than honored as team members.

Company culture starts on day one. But not all business owners purposefully create and work to sustain positive, diverse, inclusive, respectful workplace cultures.

Transform your business by addressing cracks in your culture. Here are three tips for changing your company culture:

  1. Start at the top. Lead by doing. Leadership must be on board. Don’t hesitate to let go of anyone who isn’t leading to build your positive culture.
  2. Engage team members. Everyone needs to be part of creating a powerful culture.
  3. It’s more than words. Daily actions that teach, reward, and reinforce new expectations help make transformation a reality rather than a mere concept.

It’s been said many times, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Don’t wait to focus on culture. Your company’s performance and growth depend on your successful focus and action to build a positive growth culture.

Coaching is a powerful tool for facilitating change. Set up a free strategy session to see if coaching can help your company improve its culture.