Enjoy a listen while you’re walking or commuting on the topic of six keys to thrive during change.

Bonney Lake, WA – Christine Rose is a business and executive coach and women’s guru, who helps clients realize their potential and thrive in the fast-paced and changing business climate.

The people who seek out Christine’s assistance are wise, motivated and usually already established in careers. Their business instincts tell them when it’s time to make a change that will have positive bearing on their future, as well as on the organizations they are affiliated with.

When Christine first began to study professional coaching, she studied with Lynn Taylor, who created the Core Values Index (CVI). It triggered new ideas about how to help her clients get better results! Mr. Taylor continues to be an influence in her life and business pursuits, and Christine is certified to use the Core Values Index to help clients explore individual and business growth. From self-awareness to fashioning a business plan, to improving performance, to continuous learning, the CVI is a valuable tool for creating the future. Christine will discuss CVI and how to use it throughout the series.

Christine also focuses on empowering women. During the series, she’ll talk about how this helps women on every level—in launching a new business, in progressing within a company, and even in their personal life. Christine calls this empowered living and helps women jump the hurdles and achieve it.

Another topic Christine will discuss in this series is her new book, entitled Life Beyond #Me Too: Facilitating Global Transformation. It explores sexual harassment and workplace safety issues, and coaching transformation for communities and traumatized individuals.