“Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?” Voltaire was reported to have asked.

The answer is “Yes.”

One way to the Yes is through the Mastermind. Not only can people learn from the experience of others, the opportunity extends beyond learnings, and into a creative space where thoughts, ideas, beliefs, energies, emotions, and experience all contribute to a sum that is greater than the parts combined.

In a Mastermind group people who are pursing a common objective come together to explore and share successes, opportunities, and challenges. People learn from others’ successes and are able to take key observations and apply them to their situations to increase their own successes.

Mastermind group members also discuss opportunities and challenges, and contribute hard earned wisdom to help one another make the most of both.

A successful Mastermind group will offer a culture of psychological safety, where there’s a strong shared sense of belonging and inclusion, ability to learn and contribute, and even freedom to challenge each member and the status quo of the group. They’ll limit membership, so that all members have the opportunity to regularly participate to the conversation and address topics of importance to them to both give and gain value from the group.

I bring this topic to your attention to encourage you to form or join a Mastermind group around the topics that interest you most. In case you hadn’t noticed, 2020 has been a unique time in history. There is power in having positive peers, especially right now.

To be of service, I’m in the process of forming three invitation-only CEO Mastermind groups, for owners of companies with over one, ten and twenty-five million dollars in annual revenues, who are joining to connect with and learn from other CEOs to help accelerate leadership as well as personal and business growth. My CEO Mastermind groups will meet on Zoom monthly, and offer additional benefits to founding members including CEO coaching and access to assessments and resources to build self-awareness and strategic leadership.

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” My challenge to you? Stop going it alone. Find your group.

To inquire about membership in my CEO Mastermind groups, email me – cr@christinerose.coach.