A few weeks ago at a networking event, I had an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee during a short break. At the coffee station, I ran into my friend Carol Stanley. Carol is a fabulous sister coach who helps her clients skillfully use their voice and show up with that touch of excellence that sets them apart and helps them create the relationships and results they’re looking to make. Carol is author of the wonderful book Born To Be Awesome, and is host of the BD Local podcast, That Special Touch of Excellence.

Carol delighted me with an impromptu invitation to join her as a fill-in guest for her podcast when her planned guest had an emergency. Carol is brilliant at coaching and helping people to present their best selves, and offers amazing content (even without guests.) It was truly an honor to be invited. Fortunately, that’s a day I keep a light schedule. I was available, so naturally I said yes! So fun!

Just a couple hours after our coffee, we met at the BD Local studio in Tacoma, Washington, and chatted about coaching, about my upcoming book and about the #MeToo movement.

I’ll be taking Carol’s wisdom and “H.A.I.L” with me on my trip to the Big Apple to meet with media about my upcoming book, Life Beyond #MeToo: Facilitating Global Transformation. Today I’m inviting you to enjoy listening Carol’s explanation of that acronym, and watching our chat on That Special Touch of Excellence!