Are you reinventing the wheel every day? What tools do you use to streamline your work, lower your admin/red tape time, and impact your clients positively?

Last Friday I facilitated a meeting of ICF South Sound coaches about Technology for Coaching. We looked at software and other tools that coaches use in these core competencies:

Establishing the Coaching Agreement
Building Trust and Intimacy
Managing Progress and Accountability.

We also took a look at some of the software coaches use to support the back end of their businesses including accounting and payroll, financial planning, payments, meeting and webinars, and social media.

In two hours we shared over 34 different tech tools that coaches are using!
At the end of the meeting, coaches said:

“Taking time to do this inventory helped me get clearer on what my peers are doing and on what I’m doing.”

“This was a well organized meeting. It gave me information I didn’t know that I needed.”

“This meeting made me think about things I didn’t know I needed to think about!”


“When coaches get together it feeds me with energy for a week!:

Which begs the question:

When was the last time you did an evaluation of the tools you are using in your business, learn about other options, and consider how you can improve?

You can support your work with great tools, or you can keep reinventing the wheel. You choose.