This week I met with three other business coaches. Why would I take the time to meet with “The Competition?”

In fact, coaching is one of many service businesses where there are opportunities to collaborate, partner, and refer business to others who are serving similar clients.

One of the coaches I met with focuses on social media coaching for authors. One focuses on coaching people who are entering into professions, a career coach. One focuses on leadership training for managers, and preventing burnout. And I focus on helping business owners with strategic planning, goal setting, effective execution on goals, hiring A players, and fostering innovative, successful team culture so they can attain their vision and grow their businesses.

At least two of the three will likely refer business to me when the opportunity arises, and I will refer business to them.

You can look at your competition and avoid them, or you can meet them, find synergies, and start strategic partnerships. What’s best for you?