Every day I encounter people who present the perfect image. Their Instagram posts are shiny, their Facebook LIVE videos are flawless (even without makeup), their LinkedIn profiles and websites are stellar, their calendars are booked out weeks and months in advance with coffee meetings.

Some of them hire me every once in awhile. Then I learn that they are actually frustrated with their career, or struggling with a relationship, or two paychecks away losing their home, or their business is behind on their goals, or they may even be experiencing some depression (these I always refer to a good therapist).

The problem with apparent perfection is that nobody knows we need help. And we ALL need help.

The problem with looking perfect is that we’re not. We all are just people. We need air, water, food, shelter and love. We need something worthwhile to do, and a community to do it for. We’re all still learning. We don’t and can’t know everything.  We make mistakes and grow as a result of learning from them. If we’re smart and humble, we reach out to others who may know things we don’t, or who can help us see things in a different way

Let’s stop making the mistake of thinking we have to look perfect. Nobody’s perfect.