Women business leaders are motivated, passionate, and driven to succeed. But to what end?

Anyone who wants to get to a destination has to start somewhere and move in the direction of their destination in order to arrive there.

What do you love?  What are you passionate about?

What would you do if money was amply supplied and you had all the time in the world? What is success to you?

What is the biggest change you want to make in the world? What impact do you want to have?

What is the burning desire in your heart?

For much of my life, questions like these were impossible to answer. I grew up in a home which fluctuated between fun and “nearly normal,” and traumatic and abusive, where I often experienced powerlessness. It was safer not to rock the boat or use my voice. It was not always possible to discern whether I was an object to be used, an extension of another’s agenda, or a valuable person to be honored, respected, supported, nurtured.  As a result, I believed it’s best to be cautious, keep quiet, stop hoping, to not want. I carried these subconscious beliefs through elementary school into high school and into adulthood, through my roles as homemaker, volunteer, even through my career.

These foundational beliefs had to go. Because they kept me from answering fundamental questions. I’ve devoted years to working through the hard things with the help of counselors, and rewriting my stories with the help of great coaches. My story has taken a huge turn and life will never go back to what it used to be.  It took me decades, but finally I’ve come up with some answers:

I love God and I love people. I am passionate about seeing women become everything they are created and destined to be.

My mission is to empower as many women as I can to get out of default mode and to design and create their best futures. I’m writing, speaking and coaching with this purpose.

I believe each person is born with such indescribable, inestimable worth, it’s overwhelming to think about! I want to use my voice to help the world know that it is absolutely never okay to treat people like objects.

I want to live in a world where girls and women own their power and use it for good. Where we are valued for everything we bring to the world. Where we are honored for our unique gifts and our humanity, as are each and every human being. I want to make this world a safer, kinder, better place.

Anyone who wants to get to a destination has to start somewhere and move in the direction of their destination in order to arrive there.

What’s your desired destination? Where do you want to be in a year? Three years? Five years? Twenty years? Where will you start?

I want to contribute to the conversation that will help women be empowered and equipped to contribute their best to our world.

I’m starting with my writing goals right here. Welcome to my blog!