One of the gifts of being in relationships with other humans is that you or your loved ones often repeat favorite stories, not remembering that you’ve told that story to that person before. Yes, I have done this. So have my millennial relatives!

If you don’t really listen, it sounds like the same old story. But if you listen closely, you will hear nuances and details that are new and unique with each telling of the story, illuminating clearer images of the storied event, so you can almost see and feel it, as if you were there.

Your clients also have stories about their experiences with you. Your employees have stories about what it’s like to work for your company. Your business partners and vendors have stories about how it is to collaborate with you.

How will you listen? Are they really repeating the Same Old Story? Or is there a new detail or nuance that could make this story telling a new, powerful, transformative iteration that could move your business forward?

There is more value and opportunity in listening well than you can begin to count.