Women gather to discuss and overcome obstacles they face in their business every month at the South Sound Women Business Owners’ MeetUp It’s a joy to facilitate this MeetUp group, to bring the MasterMind principle to each meeting, and to see women helping women succeed.

Some of these business owners have been in business over 20 years, and some are brand new, starting at ground zero. One obstacle they share in common is access to capital. This article by BankRate is full of resources that can help women business owners close the gap when it comes to getting funding and growing their employees and market shares.

Another obstacle is the knowledge about how a business owner works, what they’re naturally gifted to do, and how to build a solid team. The Core Values Index (CVI) is a powerful tool, both to assess potential hires and to improve culture and communication in an organization. Here’s a link to the Free CVI, a sample of the comprehensive version I use with my clients to help them with awareness, hiring top performers, and building amazing teams. If you take ten minutes to check it out, I’ll be happy to review the results with you at a free strategy session where you can also start to address the biggest obstacle facing your business today.

With knowledge, tenacity, a positive focus, and the right support, obstacles can be overcome….even yours.

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