So it’s a New Year and a New Decade. Don’t expect everything to magically change overnight. It never does. Small incremental changes build into bigger changes to help you attain your New Normal.

What needs to change first is your thoughts.

When you’re ready to embrace a New Normal, the Old Normal loses its appeal. But it doesn’t lose its hold on you. Not until your thoughts become completely new, and rise above all the hidden underlying beliefs that have anchored you in the Mess you’ve been stuck in.

How do you even observe, much less change, your deep-seated thoughts?

Unplug. Take time off the internet. Get off social media. Stop reading blogs. (Okay you can finish this one.) Schedule it. This is not optional.

Give yourself a minimum of four hours of solitude. Better yet, eight hours.

Walk, or sit still.

Ask yourself questions, like : What do I really want New Normal to look like? What’s keeping me where I am? What am I not considering? What am I believing that might not apply anymore? What do I need? What resources do I have? How can I….? What must end? What can I stop tolerating?

Breathe. Be comfortable and relaxed in your body. Allow your mind and body to be completely relaxed while awake.

Address the biggest questions that remain. You know what they are. Allow your creative mind to dismiss thoughts that won’t move you into your New Normal. Allow your creative mind to create a new foundation of thoughts and beliefs that will support your New Normal.

Create a visual image of New Normal and see yourself there. Note what is happening, your surroundings, how you feel. Save this mind movie in your brain.

Commit to any New Normal thoughts, write them down, reinforce them each morning and night when you’re transitioning from sleep by relaxing and playing your mind movie in your brain.

Do this work. Do what the blog says. Then come back in January and let’s talk about next steps.

Wishing you joy and love, slow magical changes, and the New Normal you’re dreaming of in 2020.

Love to you!