Today Christians celebrate Good Friday, the day that Jesus surrendered his life in order to save people (including people who have absolutely no interest in what he did) from their transgressions.

In my humble opinion, if taken apart from his “end game,” Easter Sunday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and his victorious win over the root of sin and death, there’s nothing Good about Good Friday.

Simply surrendering your life to those who do not value who you are and have no desire for the gifts you bring is an absolute waste, unless there’s an end game that’s bigger than the cost.

It makes sense to ask yourself, “For whom or for what would you give up your life?”

An even bigger question is “What is the end game I’m trying to win?”

Today’s a great day to consider these questions and to decide whether or not you want to make any changes.

To those celebrating Easter this weekend, and to those who do not, I wish you joy.