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Peer Advisory Groups

Are Forming Now

Running a successful business is never easy. You don’t have to go it alone. Small business owners, leaders, and individuals seeking to attain their vision and goals benefit from joining with their peers in a positive learning experience. To learn more about our 2022 CEO Mastermind Group programs, get on a waitlist for a peer advisory group, or explore designing a group around your chosen topic, schedule a discovery call with Christine Rose today.

True success as a business owner isn’t something you build on your own. Every successful business owner needs a strong support network of like-minded individuals who are pursuing similar goals and passions. If you’re struggling to find the supportive professional network you need locally, you’re not alone. CEO mastermind Christine Rose will help you find or create a private online peer advisory group that will boost your success in the business world and beyond.


WINS = Weekly Inspiration Network for Success

What’s on your vision board or goals list that you have yet to accomplish? Don’t wait to take action. Get accountability and accomplish your dreams. Increase your success by sharing goals and celebrating your WINS in our private online community of smart, motivated small business owners who are racking up WINS together. Start building a high-quality professional network of high-achievers through our free peer advisory groups. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why wait? Join WINS! today.

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WINS! is a FREE online group designed specifically to support solopreneurs and small business owners to accomplish more and reach their goals by doing three things:

(1) Writing Your Goals Weekly

(2) Being Accountable Weekly and

(3) Sharing Your WINS Weekly!