Bonney Lake, WA – Christine Rose says things you might be surprised to hear spring from the lips of a business coach. Christine believes the majority of business problems are people problems, and if you can get the people to their absolute best place, they’ll be better able to accomplish goals, and their businesses will thrive too.

Christine feels what differentiates her from other coaches, and earns her so many referrals, is that she has lived a full life—continuing education, divorce, mid-career changes, setting post-retirement goals, and launching a business venture from the ground up. It makes her more relatable and clients gladly trust her coaching.

One look at Christine’s logo, and you’ll understand a lot. The lovely pink rose is about more than just Christine’s name; it’s associated with blooming. Roses also have a lovely essence one might need to go through layers to find—just like when they uncover purpose and direction for business or a life-altering move in coaching. The green leaves represent growth, which is exactly what her clients experience.

After years in business that included a switch from for-profit to non-profit sectors, Christine retired. She now uses her experiences and coaching expertise to help to others design and live their best future. She launched the coaching business that bears her name in 2015.

Christine partners with clients to identify measurable goals, and to outline the steps to a more extraordinary life. Part of what she encourages them to do is tend to their daily JEWELS. It relates to staying in a healthy place, so you can focus and achieve.