Deana LaFauci at Linkage, Inc. published a great post eight days ago on how CoVid-19 is highlighting and increasing the social injustice women and minorities already face. Poorer quality healthcare. Greater struggles with finances. Higher mortality. Increased unpaid work. Higher job losses and greater impact of cuts in pay. It’s not pretty.

Educated leaders, take a stand for a New Normal where people are #EqualEverywhere. To stop tolerating a world where the body someone’s born in (not a choice) stacks the cards against them. Start in your spheres of influence, your organization, your teams.

Fathers and brothers, honor and uphold the women and girls in your lives. Make sure we’re moving into a #NewNormal, a #LifeBeyondMeToo where men are not accelerating violence in times of stress, where sheltering in place is not a sentence to childhood sexual abuse. Start in your home and your workplace.

Small business owners who are struggling now, connect to one another and to resources. Commit to pivot and rebuild so that inclusion and respect are part of the culture of innovation in your company. Start in your decisions about re-hiring.

Injustice leads to poverty, and poverty anywhere impacts prosperity everywhere. #BeTheChange.