Owners who are struggling with employee retention in this weird employee-centric economy may want to pay attention to this post. The conversations you have or don’t have with your team can make or break your company.

Results come from the actions people take (or don’t take) from trustworthy commitments they make (or don’t make) in conversations they have (or don’t have) with trustworthy (or not trustworthy) people who align (or don’t align) with their cares, which they are clear about (or not). Your response to events (including the “great reshuffle”) creates the outcomes you are seeing in your company.

Conversations Matter Christine Rose

When was the last time you assessed what conversations your team is having?

  • Are all the people who work for you sharing your vision, mission and values as a team? Do you own your shared promises?
  • Do you effectively coordinate action for the sake of your shared mission to satisfy your team’s promises? Is there clarity on all shared assumptions?
  • Is everyone on the team clear on their roles? Who is doing what, by when, to what conditions of satisfaction? Do you have conversations consistently to coordinate this?
  • What conversations are you having as a team about how you will manage fails and breakdowns, which are inevitable?
  • What conversations are you having with team members about who is in charge of what and who has authority to do what?
  • What conversations are you having about planning for a shared future, shared learning and innovation?
  • What conversations are you having about creating and maintaining a shared mood of ambition and commitment and shared trust in working together?
  • Are you talking about how you assess success so that it’s clear to every team member?

Are you having conversations about the future you are creating for each team member, their teams, and the company? If so, you’re winning! Well done, CEO/owner.

If you’re not sure, ask your team. They’ll tell you.

If not, plan on seeing competitors steal your best employees, plan on getting more frustrated with employee turnover, and plan on it costing you thousands if not hundreds of thousands out of your profits.

If you’d like help facilitating conversations like these with your team, reach out. www.coachchristinerose.com, cr@coachchristinerose.com.