I once read a quote, “Busy = Buried Under Satan’s Yoke.” I wouldn’t necessarily agree. Most CEOs have very full days, with all the right activities in their calendars that are moving them forward. But sometimes leaders get so busy that they don’t analyze whether the conversations they’re having, and the actions they’re taking or managing, will actually get them where they want to go. Every single person in your organization can be very busy, and yet still be moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to executing on clear commitments that will move the organization forward.

In my Coaching Excellence in Organizations class with Bob Dunham, founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL), I’ve been learning that it’s not busyness that moves a company forward. Rather, it’s strategic, timely conversations leading to commitments to take action.

CEO, Leader, Entrepreneur – Ask yourself:

  • What are the outcomes you want?
  • Who needs to make what commitments to whom, in order to make those outcomes happen?
  • What conversations will generate these commitments?
  • Are these conversations scheduled?
  • Will these conversations clarify the specifics of what people are committing to, so there is a shared understanding of commitments and the valuable outcomes people will generate?
  • What conversations do you need to have to make sure you or those you lead can be counted on to keep commitments?
  • How will your team overcome obstacles and manage the unexpected?

I encourage you to step away from the busy-ness of business to consider these questions, and to plot your course to your best future. Check out IGL(tell them I referred you), and if I can help, please reach out to me at cr@christinerose.coach.