In many countries, Halloween weekend 2020 is upon us. Donning disguises and knocking on doors to collect treats may or may not happen, depending on the Covid19 situation in your neighborhood and how you choose to deal with it. Since masks are mandatory in many states, my thought for parents of restless littles is – why not get outdoors, grab a mask, socially distance, have a little fun, and let them enjoy the rewards of the work (basically it’s the only approved form of in person cold calling left in many places, right)?

If they end up waking up in the middle of the night screaming, after OD’ing on sugar, with nightmares and the boogeyman, parents know how to handle it: Turning on the light. A glass of water. A check under the bed. Putting the dirty clothes in the hamper – not a boogeyman, just dirty clothes! A hug and kiss and tucking in for a good night’s sleep.

In the U.S. we also are facing a weekend before the election, where the biggest boogeyman is the fear of the unknown. Who can accurately predict the future? Challenges for small business owners lurk around every corner whether the incumbent or challenger take office in 2021.

When it comes to small business owners, in addition to fear of the unknown, the scare you face may be coming from your last look at your company’s financials. If you’ve been hit by the economic crisis, you may feel stuck between the challenges of the past nine months and the challenges of the years to come. So how do you beat the boogeyman? Here are three tips for overcoming fear of the unknown to allow you to confidently move into our unknown future:

  1. Let go of the past. Yes, there have been challenges. They’ve put you where you are right now. Accept the present. This is like turning on the light and getting a drink of water. Ground yourself in the reality of now.
  2. Unmask the fears. Write down every possible scenario you may be facing. What’s real. What’s not certain? What are the risks to your business? What are your options? This is like checking under the bed.
  3. Focus on and take actions to deal with the past and create the future you want. It may require creating new plans. It may require a complete pivot. But you’re focused on the things you need to do next to move forward toward your best future. This is like tossing the clothes in the hamper, the hug and kiss, and tucking in.

Whatever the future holds, you’re confident in the reality of now, your good plans, and the actions you can take to beat the boogey man and create a positive future for your clients, your teams, and yourself.

Happy Halloween!