This week I received an email from Bill Sager, CEO of Sager Family Homes, a growing, quality home builder in Washington State. Bill is a strategic thinker and planner by nature, who like many CEOs was unaware of the ROI that comes with having a good business coach.

Bill wrote:

“I had heard about the benefits of coaching and the value it could bring, yet I was skeptical. I liked Christine as a person and the values she lived by, so I decided to give it a try still with limited expectations.”

Bill’s believed he could benefit more from weekly 30 minute sessions so we agreed to meet on his terms. Bill wrote,

“This 30 minute session has been a game changer for me. Each week I show up with a few ideas and topics to discuss. Due to Christine’s persistent exploration of plans and motivations, I always come out of a session with a new idea and enhanced plan of attack to move through the week ahead. She is a guiding force, that leverages my existing strategic plan into a more thought out and confident vision. “

Strategic planning needs to be ongoing in times of change, and takes as much time as you will give it, with or without help from a coach. Bill and most SME CEOs share a common issue: To whom are you accountable? For what? When your inner motivation is scrambled by circumstances or overwhelmed by busyness, what makes you move the needle on your goals? Bill wrote:

“Beyond that, being the CEO of my firm, I struggle for true accountability, and Christine is able to fill that void. By streamlining the strategy and then providing accountability to move the ball week to week, the results have been immeasurable – truly.”

Like over 90 percent of SMEs, Bill’s company was hit hard by the Covid 19 crisis and mandated Stay Home orders. BTW, I didn’t pay Bill to write me this email, I just asked for him to reflect on the value he received from our business coaching relationship during this crisis, and let me know. He wrote,

“As with most business owners my world was turned upside down, and several major projects sales fell through. However, because I had been coaching with Christine in the proceeding months I was much more prepared and balanced. Because I had been driving at goals on a weekly basis, I was ahead of schedule, and had been raising cash in advance. As the crisis hit, it was this foundational work that saved me from being buried.

Throughout the crisis I have continued the coaching and my company is as strong as before, and now leveraging new opportunities as the rest of the world is standing around in shock and disbelief. Truly her coaching has been immeasurable in terms of wins and value.”

So…there’s this thing called “The Coaching Conundrum.” Ninety percent of people would benefit from hiring a coach, yet less than ten percent actually seek one out.

Here’s the rub: Whether you want to lose weight, save money, change jobs or get a job, start a business, develop a vision and plans, or you want to accelerate your implementation, you may already know a way to do it. But if you don’t have a coach to help you hone your strategies and give you accountability to advance your unique goals, you’re missing out.

Sager Family Homes grew last year, has gorgeous custom homes available now for buyers to choose their interiors and move in soon, and is about to see phenomenal growth in this season. It’s not growing by riding an up wave. It’s growing because Bill chooses to to take time away from daily operations to work ON his business, and chooses to find accountability on foundational matters to make sure the company can meet customers at their point of need, both now and as they build the future.

I know a lot of coaches that specialize in many niches, so reach out for an introduction. I coach SME leaders to grow their leadership and teams, make excellent decisions, and grow their companies. If you’d like to explore the accountability a coach can offer, book a free strategy session.