Whatever you’ve been working on the past week or month or quarter or year, it’s okay to put it down. Take a break. You’ve earned it.

With the increase of remote working, many are finding their downtime eaten up because of connectivity. Bosses don’t model disconnecting from work and send emails or messages after hours. Some team leaders think it you’re not spending two hours commuting, that time is now available for the company’s projects.

And we’re getting burned out.

On that note, I am going to encourage leaders to start leading by recognizing that the people who work for your company are human. As such, they are limited, finite, and they have other elements of a life outside of working for you. And guess what? So are you, and so do you!

Be a better leader by recognizing this truth and honoring it. Model the art of disconnecting. Stop sending emails and texts after work. Wait until start of work the next workday. And model a reasonable work schedule. If you can’t get everything done in a 40-50 (max) hour week, you’re over capacity, which will lead to overwhelm! You need change some things. I encourage you to take some “downtime” and get strategic. Figure out how to delegate or dump some of that work. (Or cut out some of the things you’re doing that don’t actually generate the results you want.)

It’s appropriate on Labor Day to take a day to recognize all the contributions of the Labor Movement in the United States, and everything that U.S. workers have done to build America.
And everything we’re still doing. Many remotely.

So in recognition of all the work, I encourage you to spend your 3 day weekend doing something that will refresh, restore, and delight you!

As for me, I’m going to enjoy creating more beauty in my life this weekend, and stop working on my coaching and writing business, Even though I’ve got a special promo announcement to make on social media and via email….

It can wait until Tuesday.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!