For people who celebrate Christmas, today is the “40 days to Christmas” day.

For me, Christmas has always been special and magical, filled with Love. As a young mother, my vision for Christmas Day for my children was picture perfect, with as many gifts as possible (given my limited budget), carefully wrapped under a gorgeously decorated tree, holiday tunes, cards mailed by 12/23 to extended family and loved ones, festive holiday-only food and clothes and decor, and generous, warm, loving words.

Even when I worked full time, after hours I worked backwards at least 40 days, enlisting help where needed, ensuring gifts were bought and hidden (often delayed wrapping until the night before Christmas, not the best plan), the tree was up as soon after Thanksgiving as possible, special food was prepared, the home and clothes looked great, batteries for toys were charged, and I was spiritually and emotionally recharged, ready to love on my family through the craziness of relatives, overstimulation and busyiness, and mess that happened through the holiday season.

Business owners and leaders have the opportunity each and every day to declare themselves 40 Days to What….

You pick the What.

You make the plan, count backwards, set SMART goals, enlist help, implement, and make the magic happen.

So…what’s your next What?