Do you have a breakthrough goal? That’s a goal that, when you attain it, will up-level every part of your life in a huge positive way.

If not, consider what would have that kind of impact if you attained it.

I’ve been coaching one to one for 7 years and done some team and group coaching and would love to be able to serve more people and make a bigger impact.

For me, launching new CEO Success Mastermind Groups for CEOs of $1M – $100M revenue companies is a breakthrough goal. Building a community just for CEOs will allow me to spend more time with the most extraordinary people, provide inspiration to up my game to embody leadership, support philanthropic #goals, allow me to travel more, and support my eventual retirement as well as my home, family and friends right now. It’s an example of a breakthrough goal that impacts every part of life.

Set a breakthrough goal, or if you have one, commit to take action daily to move the needle forward on your goal.

One of the most wonderful things about goals and wins is how unique and individual they are to each person. You don’t need other people’s goals or wins, yours are perfect for you.

So what goals are you setting for yourself this quarter, this month, and for the week ahead?

Taking action on your goals leads to wins. What #wins are you celebrating?