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Are you wondering how you can grow company value, improve your company’s culture, or get your teams to be more effective and innovative?

Coaching is a proven way to accelerate growth, improve team performance, and develop personally and professionally to give you the power and freedom to live your dreams.


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Award-winning Coaching and Consulting

Can you envision a world where CEOs and business leaders don’t have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but instead have support and partnerships that empower them to attain the impossible faster? Our mission is to bring the transformative power of coaching to business owners to help them get the positive results that will allow them to be effective change agents for good in their companies, communities, and the world. We value servant leadership, excellence, and safety. We advance people, growth, gratitude, and joy.

​​​​​​​Christine Rose Coaching & Consulting is an award-winning coaching and consulting business based in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area that helps CEOs and leadership of small to medium-sized businesses grow company value while improving their personal effectiveness, leadership skills, positive company cultures, innovative and effective teams, revenues and profits. Rising from an abusive childhood to becoming a successful coach and business owner, visionary bestselling author and speaker, Christine Rose is driven to help leaders create their best future – for themselves, for their businesses, and for the world. Learn more about Christine.

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The most successful business leaders hire a coach to hone leadership skills, create psychologically safe cultures, foster innovative and effective teams, and build profitable, sustainable companies. What do you want for yourself and your business?

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